Missing Stars

A visual novel about mental disorders and the people they affect. Made with Ren'Py.

About Missing Stars

Missing Stars is a freeware visual novel project that aims to depict mental disorders and the people who live with them in a realistic, but sensitive and respectful light. After a certain incident that left him traumatized, Erik Wilhelm transfers in to Privatgymnasium St. Dymphna, a special Viennese school for teenagers living with psychological disorders, where he meets a colorful cast of characters that will turn his formerly uneventful life upside down.

Mental disorders affect almost one-quarter of the global population, with many millions of individuals lacking access to proper facilities and medication. They can affect anyone at any time, at any age, from any walk of life.

We created Missing Stars partly due to our desire to increase public understanding of mental disorders and their impact even in our own little ways, and also because we want to tell a story that's honest, heartfelt, and most importantly, human.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy our hard work and dedication in making this project possible.



Missing Stars: Act One

Check out the first part of Missing Stars, showcasing Erik's first few days at Saint Dymphna's Privatgymnasium.

Download on itch.io

Missing Stars: Overture

Read the official prequel to Missing Stars! Follow each of the main cast members as they prepare for a school event.

Download PDF